Mission Statement

Heart Over Height Training is an organization that strives to improve the overall health and fitness of athletes, as well as to enhance and develop the skills necessary to become the best in the game.


Heart Over Height trainers have not only experienced higher levels of training and competition in their respective sports, but they have also taken the time to carefully study every aspect of the game so that they can provide the highest quality of training. As a team, we work together to create a well-rounded training program that ensures success when that hard work is reciprocated by the client.

Our Vision

Heart Over Height Training uses imagery, motivation, and sports psychology to cater to the needs of young athletes and to not only improve physical strength, but mental strength as well. Our goal is to fine-tune each athlete’s skills through weight training, speed, and agility drills, while also building the confidence needed for success on and off the court.

"Fall In Love With The Process & The Results Will Come"